We are applying individual approach to each modeling object. Workflow takes adaptational steps in the data analysis process. Such an approach guarantee unique solution toward to each individual object modeling and as a resuit assure high quality of the resulting model.

Complex analysis of the geology, seismic, logging, drilling and well testing/production data

  • Analysis of the 3D data, such as seismic and gravi-magnetic.
  • Well logging data, core data, mud-logging, well-test data.
  • Production history data – debits, pressure etc.

Interpretation results

  • Structural framework.
  • Facies distribution.
  • Hydraulic flow units.

Integrated 3D geology modeling

  • 3D field model with the most likely structural framework and properties distribution.
  • Model, that will provide best fit for the production prediction and infill drilling.
  • Workflow, allowing to integrate new wells into the model.

Drilling monitoring

  • Pre-drill analysis and exploration optimization.
  • Identification of the optimal objects for the exploration and appraisal drilling.
  • Pre-drill assessment.
  • Monitoring and geo-steering.
  • Post-drill analysis.