We are using individual approach toward to each field. In each individual case, workflow defined by the data in a process of the data analysis. This approach guaranty independent viewpoint and the best fit for purpose result.


  • Petrophysics modeling.
  • Loging-suit planing and data quality analysis. Planning of the core collection and laboratory analysis.
  • Cement bond log analysis and PLT analysis.
  • Data base handling, logs depth matching, splicing and editing.
  • Permeability modeling, taking into account NMR, Sonic, core data, well testing and production data.
  • Saturation height function modeling.
  • Analysis of perspectives for the new blocks and new ventures projects.
  • Sonic logs processing.

Complex analysis of the core data, logging data, PLT and well test results

  • Complex interpretation of the logging data, including Image logs, Sonic data, NMR, core photos, PLT and Cement Bond logs. Comparison of the results with the results of the geological facies modeling to identify high-permeability zones.
  • Binarization of the core photos and slab photos together with Image logs data, to identify vuggy and fractured intervals and intervals of the properties anisotropy. Comparison of the data with the logging evaluation results and PLT interpretation to identify high permeability zones.

Results are provided in forms of

  • Las and dlis files.
  • Prints and pdf files.
  • Reports, presentations and recommendations.

Binarization of the core photos

Complex core-logs analysis, binarization of the core photos and slab photos together with Image logs data, to identify vaggy and fractured intervals.